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Because Everyone Needs Glitter Shoes

It’ll come as a surprise to no one, that I am obsessed with sparkly things. My inner magpie has no limits. My family are well aware of this obsession and have definitely pandered to it.

At Christmas (is it still ok to mention the C word this far into January?) I became the proud owner of three pairs of glitter-covered shoes. Three. While this may seem too extreme to some, I am in my sparkly element.

Let me walk you through my new collection.

The Glitter Trainer 

A practical shoe needn’t look dull. In fact, I like mine bold and brash with leopard-print toes, gold glitter sides and soft ribbons for laces. I like them even better when they’re paired with gold glitter socks. What can I say, I’m an all-or-nothing kinda gal.

I think it was last October I kept harping on about these Lucca sneakers and why they had to be mine but I couldn’t justify spending that money on myself. Well now, thanks to Al, I can rock them all the time. Maybe I’ll team them with my leopard-print coat, and scarf, and jumper, and skirt. Too much?!

The Glitter Boot

Now, while I am aware that these aren’t technically my first pair of glitter boots, I already have these bad boys, they are equally as welcome in my wardrobe. I spotted these on ASOS and knew I had to have me some Dorothy shoes.

Every time I put these on, I have a habit of clicking my ankles together and dreaming of Kansas. Now while I’m fully aware I’m not actually Dorothy, it doesn’t hurt to dream. These boots seem to look the best with an all black outfit, I like the element of surprise. Like ‘pow’ red glitter boots in your face.

The Glitter Slipper

I don’t even know where to start with these beauties. They kind of leave me speechless. While this picture may not do them complete justice, they are both silver and gold depending on what light you view them in, I think we can all agree that they are pretty special. I love a good slipper shoe and I also love a tassel so when those two worlds collide in one shoe, I’m a very happy lady.

Just look how at home they are with matching garish glitter socks. Honestly, it’s a match made in shoe heaven and my feet have never been happier.

Got some glitter shoes in your life? Hook me up, I need to see.

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New Jewels

I am a massive lover of costume jewellery. The bigger, the more spangly and colourful, the better. I like my jewels to make a statement. Like my neck is shouting “why hello there, check out my bejewelled self. I’m so shiny and beautifully decorated.” Or something.

I was completely spoilt for my birthday last month and these three new jewels made their way into my life and haven’t stopped hanging off my neck and wrist since. The beautiful bangle, which came from my absolute favourite shop Oliver Bonas, and the necklace at the top of the picture, all deep purples and blues, were both gifts from the two lovely ladies I work with. They are both absolutely perfect and add a bit of sparkle to a wintry outfit. I haven’t yet removed the bangle FYI.

As for the necklace on a rope, well, I’m in love. My cousin hit the jackpot here. I have a weird obsession with jewellery made out of twisted rope after ordering my old ex-work wife to make me some knotted arm candy after seeing some in the shops that I couldn’t afford. It’s just beautiful. It’s the perfect length and just hangs in the middle of my sternum. I think it also nicely detracts from the small-boob situation I have going on.

Funnily enough I’ve just ordered a beautiful three-tiered trinket holder that these jewels will look right at home in.

It’s safe to say you’ll be seeing these jewels a lot more. And I’m not even sorry.

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New Blinging Neck Swag

I’d say that my best mates know me pretty well. How do I judge this, I hear you ask. It’s simple. I, rather shallowly, go by the gifts they kindly get me for my birthday and they always get it right.

Today’s hit list is two of the newest additions to my collection of necklaces or blinging neck swag, as the post is titled – which, by the way, I can’t explain.

Let me first introduce you the heavily-sparkled eagle number. Ta da…

I was lucky enough to receive this from one of my besties, Nikki, who clearly knows me well. You see, she knew that I needed more costume jewellery in my life and that I have a massive love for necklaces, particularly of the glittery kind, and she got it for me.

Now for the clear-plastic-covered-in-gemstones number. Ta da…

This one was gifted to me from another of my besties, Chez, my fashion partner in crime, if you will. You see, she’s super smart. She knows the contents of my wardrobe as if it were her own. She knows what I’ve got and what holes are left to fill. She also knows that one year when I attended London Fashion Weekend, I fell in love and purchased this massive plastic/perspex Nicholas King necklace. Knowing that I have a tendency towards plastic in necklaces, she got me this one to add to my collection.

I currently have these two on rotation depending on what mood I’m in. I go for the sparkles if my outfit needs brightening up, and the plastic if I want to add a tough but pretty finish to something simple, like a shirt or tee.

This is why these two are two of my besties (I also have plenty more reasons, I’m not completely shallow). They just get me, as cheesy as it. And I hate cheese.

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Birthday Sequins

Sequins and I go together like cherry and pie. So when it comes to looking for birthday outfits, it needs to be sparkly.

I think this’ll do.

Note the all-over silver/grey sequins on this playsuit from Boohoo. It also has a cutout back which is my second favourite thing after sequins. It couldn’t get any better surely.

But it does. You see, this playsuit was only £18 with their 15% discount. A complete bargain.

I’m already imagining it with thick black tights (no one needs to see how pasty my pins are), heels and some messy curls.

Its almost too good to be true. Fingers crossed I can squeeze my ridiculously long body into it.

P.S I would have posted a link but I took the last one and it’s gone!

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A Love Letter to Simone Rocha

Dear Simone Rocha,

I felt like I had to write to you and explain our connection. You see, you’ve designed the most beautiful glitter-embellished shoes I’ve ever seen in the whole entire world and I just had to let you know. I honestly think you might have had me in mind when you were designing them.

I can imagine you in your studio, shouting “I need more sequins, bring me more sequins. Jo would want more sequins.”

You see, in my mind right now, I truly believe that I might have been your muse. After all, we both know that sequins, glitter and anything sparkly has my name written all over it. I also happen to love gold. I’m telling you Simone, it’s fate.

As for the perspex heel on these babies. You’re just spoiling me now. Stop it. It’s too much.

Lots of love,
Your muse, Jojo.
P.S the fact that you also made them in PINK just proves everything I’ve said already.

P.P.S. Your tinsel-knit top is also incredible.

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Could this be the most beautiful necklace in the world?

As I write this post I have Prince, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, going round and round in my head. It’s kinda fitting for this post if we swap ‘Girl’ for ‘Necklace’ – I think I’ve fallen in love.

The latest object of my affection (because we all know I’m fickle and will have my head turned by another sparkling object soon) is this gob-smackingly beautiful Erickson Beamon Tribal Patchwork Bib.

Or to rightfully credit it with its full name, the Tribal Patchwork Gold-plated Swarovski Crystal Bib Necklace. Phew, now that’s a mouthful.

There is so much going on here that I barely know where to start. The colours, the sparkle, the sheer amount of detailing. It’s breathtaking and so is the price, £1,240. Ouch.

But ignoring that for a second, let’s go back to the texture. There’s Swarovski crystals, smooth gems, even little blue pom poms dangling at the end. The colours, a mix of blues, burnished gold, reds and pinks definitely touch on the tribal side and give it a warmth. It has the power to change an outfit completely and all you need to start with is a plain jumper.

Net-A-Porter have called it a ‘conversation starter’, and I don’t doubt that, but for me, it’s something much, much more. It’s heaven.

Do you agree, could this be the most beautiful necklace in the world?

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