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5 Reasons We Should Be Embellishing Our Tights, Dolce and Gabbana Style

I will typically wear my thick black tights the whole year round, pausing for a break somewhere in the midst of summer where my pasty, reptile-like pins get a brief glimpse of sun. I’ve written before about why I love tights so much, and I really do, but while I love their practical nature, I also love embellishment and a bit of sparkle. Which is why I believe we should all be embellishing our tights, Dolce and Gabbana style.

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Want it on Wednesday: Topshop Pom Pom Flippy Dress

I honestly don’t even think I need any words with this week’s Want it on Wednesday. If you follow my blog regularly and know my style and likes, then I think the name of this dress alone says it all.

Pom Pom Flippy Dress. Yes please Topshop.

As you would expect, this dress is embellished with not only pom poms, but sequins, in a beautiful mix of greens, blues and orange. As Topshop rightly classified, this would make an amazing festival dress. Until it rained or was ruined by the mud.

I’m now single-handedly determined to bring pom poms back. Yes siree.