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Looking Over the Moors

Sometimes it’s nice to just let the pictures do the talking. These are a couple of snaps I took from my Christmas in Devon overlooking Dartmoor…


I take so many pictures that it always seems a shame to keep them hidden away on my phone rather than share the ones I love on my blog.

That day, overlooking the beautiful Moors in Devon, I definitely cleaned out my cobwebs from 2014 and said goodbye to the losers who I left behind.


2014: The Best Bits

Seeing as it’s the last day of 2014, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane, rounding up my best bits from the last year. This year has been jam packed, from weddings to buying our first place to some more personal achievements, like finally feeling like I have my IBS under control.

Grab a cuppa and get comfy…

We Bought Our First Place

This has to be the most exciting, financially draining and commitment-heavy thing I’ve ever done. We had already lived together for over two years and worked extremely hard to save all our pennies for our dream home and this September, we finally got it. I’m now obsessed with homeware and decking our little maisonette out. Coming home from work to your own place is literally the best feeling ever.

All the Weddings

This year I’ve been lucky enough to see five friends get married. Wedding season started in February with one of my oldest besties tying the knot, and ended with my gorgeous little cousin marrying her wife in the most beautiful ceremony in October. Now I’m an emotional kinda gal, so I’ve pretty much spent the whole year in tears, weddings really get me.

This is always a highlight for me as I get to hang out with Al and my ex-work wife for a long weekend listening to good music, eating all the food and drinking all the cider. I fully embrace festival chic by not washing and generally not brushing my hair, I’m all about going back to nature.

Got My Hair Chopped

So this one is a little more vain than the others but sod it, I’m including it. In August, way before Lauren Conrad got the chop, my trusty hairdresser lopped all my hair off into a long graduated bob. This requires more maintenance in terms of getting it cut more regularly but I’m fine with that, I’ve gotta keep the greys at bay anyway. It’s actually a little shorter than this right now and I’m loving it. It’s so much easier to style and is definitely more me. Whatever that means.

There Will Be Babies Next Year – Just Not Mine
Two of them in fact, from two of my besties and I couldn’t be more excited. And that’s all I’ll share with you on that.

Finally Getting My IBS Locked Down

I felt brave enough to start posting about my IBS this year (check it out here) and have received so many nice tweets and messages of encouragement. I swear by the FODMAP diet which has helped buckle down the foods I can eat and also leave behind. I’ve also been able to trial Symprove, a new type of live bacteria which helps prepare the gut for food and have been blogging about my journey. Actually, after completing my initial 12 week trial, I have a big post up my sleeve.

Best Christmas Ever
This Christmas was the BEST Christmas ever! Fact. I am a big kid at heart and get so excited on Christmas Eve that I can’t ever sleep and always wake up early – it was 5am this year. We spent Christmas Day with Al’s family, before heading down to Devon on Boxing Day to be with mine, and then finishing yesterday with a late Christmas with my dad and sister. There is nothing I love more than family time and this Christmas has been crammed full of it.

Getting My First Pair of Louboutins
When I unwrapped my Christmas prezzie from Al this year I was in absolute shock. I was not expecting to receive a pair of Louboutins at all and was completely overwhelmed. Without revealing too much – there will of course be a post dedicated to them in their full glory – they’re animal print wedges.

Thanks for sharing them all with me and here’s to the next year. Roll on 2015.

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My Month in Pictures: More Friends, More Weddings and Even More Selfies

May was a good month. It saw another wedding, a dramatic increase in blogging activity, exciting use of my Urban Decay palette and new Chanel foundation, loads of #tbt snaps and of course, obligatory selfies.

Take a look…

#tbt Harry Potter, Florence, Ozzy Osbourne and Twiggy. Standard.
#tbt Madonna, a Ghost Buster and Wonder Woman.
Another #tbt to the night Al and I got together, despite his hair do.
Looking after a very drunken boyfriend at our friend’s engagement party.

 Our new snazzy wine glass chandelier at work.
Pizza socks, just because.

 Wearing all dem prints.
Little red dress, blue checks and cream crochet.

Another wedding, another outfit, another picture.
Wedding selfie with the boyf.
Absolutely loving my new Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation.
Al modelling the latest Fiorelli fluffy number to join my collection.
Just another wedding selfie with the bestie.
Chocolate-box browns that I now can’t live without.
Midi dress, bare legs, sparkly socks and boots.
Sparkly tips for summer.
Inspirational quote from the bestie, helping get the blog back on track.
Dreaming of being back in Ibiza for a bit of sun.

Got sent this new book and instantly fell in love with it.
Swinging the lace midi skirt with a hint of pink.
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My Month in Pictures: Saris, Shetland Ponies and Sunshine

April for me has been a crazy mix of family time, weddings and hanging out with friends. It’s been one of the best months to date.

Take a look… 

 The beautiful bride in a blonde sandwich.
Rocking our saris in an obligatory selfie.
Working the prints in an animal vs tribal look.
My very first Urban Decay Naked Palette.
Casual dinner with my mum and little brother.
Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

 A little #tbt with one of my besties.
Definitely dressing like a child in my denim pinafore.
One of my besties carrying me after a heavy night on the vodka.
Two of my girlies on a little night out.
Bank holiday weekend spent relaxing with this guy overlooking a beautiful Cornish beach
 Cornwall in the divine sunshine.
My beautiful little family, aka a bunch of posers.
Two Shetland Ponies rocking a side fringe.
That’s how I spent my April.
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My Month in Pictures: Friends, Family, Hen Dos and Weddings

I’m a little late in posting my monthly round up of Instagram snaps but it’s better late than never. For me March revolved around hen dos, weddings, best friends and family. Everything that’s important to me.

Take a look…

 A sparkly dress means sparkly nails for a hen do.
When floral print meets animal print.

My new little black book, currently being used as a food diary.
Celebrating my beautiful besties hen do.

Family time with my wonderful godfather.
Mother’s Day with the most badass mum around.
Me and Al decked out in our finest for our besties wedding.
‘We are all a little weird…’
Gifted a banger of a Karl Lagerfeld tote bag.
 Drunken wedding times with this gorgeous bestie.

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2013 The Year That Rocked

I wanted to do a quick year in review because for me, 2013 has rocked.

Two of my best friends got married, my big cousin fooled us all by saying we were going wine tasting when really it was his surprise wedding, I’ve been on a few amazing hen do’s, my brother had a baby, holidayed in Orlando, I’ve eaten a lot of cake, won an incredible parka, received the best birthday present ever in the form of the Z Spoke by Zac Posen bag of dreams (more to come on this), had a messy but fantastic birthday night and generally just had a blast.

Here’s to 2014.

Made on Flipagram featuring Calvin Harris, Flashback.

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My Month in Pictures: Family, Friends and Reminiscing

For me, November has been a month of reflection and family time. My family are without a doubt the most important people in my life. We’ve been dealt some fairly shit cards in the past and presently but always manage to bounce back stronger. I have a massive amount of respect for them all. On that slightly deep and meaningful note, let’s move on to my pictures…

The most amazing Pinko camo-print parka won in a competition.
New Topshop brogues that are so shiny they’re almost blinding.

  A roast chicken, sausage and winter veg mash up for lunch.
Girl crushing over Michelle Williams’s hair. I want it.
13 years ago I lost the most amazing man in the world and my hero, my grandad, Frank 2 Sugars.
Reminiscing over my scar and cut-throat Jo.

Getting in the Christmas spirit with festive sparkly red nails with a hint of silver.
Throw Back Thursday – Gorgeous Freddie Mercury and a witch at last year’s Halloween party.
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What you looking at?

Sometimes I forget I have a scar on my neck and then sometimes it’s
drawn to my attention by people who clearly have no manners and don’t
know that it’s rude to stare.

In America it was unreal the
amount of times I caught people staring at
my neck and one woman in Clapham nearly fell onto the tracks due to her
obvious rubbernecking at my scar. Unreal. I’m not ashamed of my scar,
nor would I ever try to hide it. I’d much rather talk about it then
pretend it doesn’t exist. I
sometimes think this must be how women with large boobs feel, when a
man directs everything at their chest. Except mine’s neck level.

Recently Fashion Train
posted about her thyroid troubles and I feel like I need to do the
same, to get it all off my rather small chest. So here it goes, brace

It all started back in 2009. I had a huge lump appear on my neck, poking out from my throat like an Adam’s apple. It felt like it was putting pressure on my wind pipe making it painful to swallow and making me constantly heave. I went to the doctors several times but no one really knew what it was so I was referred to hospital.

Eventually on New Years Eve it all got a bit much. We had a hospital appointment with one of the ENT doctors who thought my lump was just a cyst. He thought by injecting it he might be able to drain it. Instead he drew blood, made it swell up even more and sent me into a massive panic attack. When I’d calmed down, I was pretty much carried by my mum down to have an ultrasound. After my scan they thought it looked like some kind of lump consisting of tangled blood vessels which had attached itself to my thyroid.

To trim the story down abit, what followed were several more hospital appointments, blood tests, another ultrasound and a CT scan. My consultant (who was also my surgeon) decided the only option was to operate, remove it and then work out what it was. It turned out to be a benign tumour – I can tell you honestly that the wait to find that out was the absolute worst experience ever. You try to stay positive but always fear the worst. I was very lucky.

It took me ages to heal with my scar staying red and lumpy. It also left a mass of scar tissue behind, putting pressure on my wind pipe. I was deemed a hyperthrophic healer (meaning I can never have face lift!) and it was decided that I needed to have the original scar operated on again. This happened in August 2011 and was much more successful. It took another six or so months of regular steroid injections into the scar to increase the chances of healing and some special silicone gel and now, four years after it all started, it looks much better than I could have ever dreamt of.

Because of the two ops I have no real feeling around that part of my neck, both on the outside and inside, which makes it really funny when I drink a fizzy drinks as the bubbles just stop! But I am finally healthy, which is the only thing that matters.

I wear my scar proudly, knowing that I had to go through a lot to get to where I am now. Every scar tells a story so if you find yourself staring at mine or a strangers, just remember, there’s always a story to tell and most of the time, I’m happy to share.

Rant over.


My Grandad

Today marks the 13th year since I lost my grandad to cancer. I can still remember the exact moment my mum told me the news. I can picture it almost perfectly in my head and every time I do, it still has the ability to bring tears to my eyes.

I’m well aware that the pain of losing a loved one is meant to ease over the years, and it certainly has, but I don’t think you ever lose that ache in your heart for the gap that they’ve left.

I thought writing this post might be cathartic but while I’m writing this I’m on my daily commute home with tears pouring down my cheeks – and I’m not usually one to let my emotions show.

My grandad was my absolute hero. I completely idolised him, I still do. He taught me how to play cards for money, how to build cars and castles out of sand and would sit patiently through every dance routine my brother, cousins and I would perform.

He was the best grandad in the world.

When he died, my mum always told me if I looked up to the sky at night, he’d be watching me, the brightest star in the sky.

I still love to stare at the stars at night.

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It’s been over a month since I’ve been back from Aussie, but as of yet there have been no photos. Well that’s about to change…

This holiday was utter perfection.

The weather was a little shaky at times but overall it was the getaway needed. We got to spend two weeks in paradise, seeing family, friends and everyone in-between. Pure bliss.