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A New Purple Glittery Skirt to Twirl in

Me and my cousin are complete polar opposites. She dresses like a retro 50’s pin up, is crafty with a sewing machine and can draw the perfect feline flick. I, on the other hand, favour comfort and oversized tees, will wear my clothes with holes in until they disintegrate and can never be bothered with the precision of a feline flick. My crafty cousin got out her needle and thread and whipped me up some glittery purple perfection. Probably because she wants to up my glam factor.

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Peppermint Nails with a Touch of Glitter

I’ve pretty much been living in this pretty peppermint shade from Barry M for the past three months since I bought it. To begin with it was my least favourite of the three I picked up (Pit Stop, Eat My Dust and Road Rage) but surprisingly it’s the been the one I keep going back to.

Because I always like to add a touch of sparkle, I applied Nails Inc Jubilee Place, a glittery sliver, to the tips of the nails. This is my favourite and easiest way of adding some extra glam power.

And yep, that’s a freshly planted Thyme bush in the background because Al I became very middle aged last weekend sorting out our garden and planting our own herbs. How times have changed.

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Dressing Like a Mermaid

Let’s just take a minute to cast our minds back to Wednesday. The sun was shining, there was a light breeze in the air and a feeling of calm on my normally stressful commute. Every one was digging the weather. So much so, that I deemed it only appropriate to bust out my metallic teal pleated midi skirt and rock a bit of shimmer and a bit of leg.

That’s right. I unleashed my inner Ariel and channelled a mermaid for the day.

I originally bought this skirt around the end of last year and wore it to my work Christmas party but I knew it’d be one I could wear again and again, no matter the occasion.

This time, I paired it with a plain grey sleeveless top, snake print blazer, and a statement necklace, not forgetting to mention my silver sparkly slipper shoes.

Thanks Ariel.