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I Want to Salsa and Drink Margaritas in this Slinky DVF Dress

I know Diane von Furstenberg is all about the wrap dress, but as I flicked through her Fall 2015 collection, there was one dress that really caught my eye and it was a decidedly sexy slip.

While I’m not brave enough to try the whole lingerie as outerwear trend, this dress could change my mind. Just take a moment to check out the thin spaghetti straps, the sexy red lace over the bust and the slinky spotted silk that’s clinging to the body. I want this dress. And I want to wear it out of the house and dance all night in it. I want to salsa and drink margaritas with my girl friends. I want to tuck a flower behind my ear and slick the boldest red across my lips. And for once I’d like to wear something form fitting and not have to worry about my IBS and being bloated.

And for that dream I thank you DVF.  I’m sold.

View the entire Diane von Furstenberg collection.

Image courtesy of style.com

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My Little Black Diane von Furstenberg Bag

Trust me when I say this post has been a looooong time coming…

Way back in December I was lucky enough to save some birthday money and I had one thing in mind to spend it on. A bag. Not just any bag, I wanted an investment bag. The big daddy, the real deal. So we went to Bicester Village…

And this happened…

Bow-chica-wow-wa! Check out this bad boy or should I say beauty. Let me introduce you to the new (not technically new but whatever) love in my life, the Diane von Furstenberg Harper Connect.








I’ll admit, I went to Bicester Village on the recommendations of the fash-bestie who had just got her first Mulberry from the outlet there. She told me to go there with an open mind, to take a look around and that I’d know when I set eyes on the right one.

I always thought the right one would be a Mulberry but I just didn’t get that feeling with any of them, at least not with the ones that were in my price range. But then I went into DvF, twice in fact, and the rest is history.

I love everything about it. It’s structured, it has this tough gold hardware, it has a tassel (I love tassels), it has a short chain strap and a longer across-the-body one. It’s also made from the softest and finest leather I have ever smelt and felt.

It also has a special compartment at the back where you slip your iPad in front of a concealed panel which can be unzipped, so smart. Although, I’ve never really used it for that.

I can honestly say I’ve used this bag every day since I bought it in January. Cost-per-wear that must make it a good deal.

My only problem now is that I don’t know how I’ll go back to using any other bag… Trust me when I say that’s a problem.