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50’s Style Swap: What Happened When My 50’s-Obsessed Cousin Dressed Me

My cousin and I were born a mere 10 hours apart and we’d class each other more like sisters than cousins, but when it comes to our sense of style, we’re complete opposites. Gem favours a retro 50’s look, all nipped-in waist, sleek silhouette and matching accessories. Whereas I am all about oversized, comfort and clashing prints, textures and colours. For one day, more like 1 hour max, I decided to see what it’d be like to swap styles and become a 50’s pin-up.

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I Want to Be a Denim Dreamer

Stop the press. I need a suede mini, denim jacket, patterned platforms and cute ankle socks, pronto.

And I have Topshop’s latest Denim Dreamers campaign to blame for it. I’m falling hard for all things seventies inspired at the moment. So much so, that I’ve even dusted down my flares so they’re ready for action.

Topshop are absolutely nailing all things denim. They’ve got seventies soul covered with a-line skirts, flared jeans, d-ring shirt dresses, denim pinafores and smocks. They’ve even got cute ankle boots with a side order of fringing. Don’t even start me on suede.

I want to be Margo and Viv. I also want to get my bangs cut back in… Damn you Topshop.

Are you embracing seventies-inspired fashion? I want to know.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/topshop

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I Want to Salsa and Drink Margaritas in this Slinky DVF Dress

I know Diane von Furstenberg is all about the wrap dress, but as I flicked through her Fall 2015 collection, there was one dress that really caught my eye and it was a decidedly sexy slip.

While I’m not brave enough to try the whole lingerie as outerwear trend, this dress could change my mind. Just take a moment to check out the thin spaghetti straps, the sexy red lace over the bust and the slinky spotted silk that’s clinging to the body. I want this dress. And I want to wear it out of the house and dance all night in it. I want to salsa and drink margaritas with my girl friends. I want to tuck a flower behind my ear and slick the boldest red across my lips. And for once I’d like to wear something form fitting and not have to worry about my IBS and being bloated.

And for that dream I thank you DVF.  I’m sold.

View the entire Diane von Furstenberg collection.

Image courtesy of style.com

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If My Besties Were ASOS Dresses

I spend A LOT of time browsing my favourite online stores. Not buying, just browsing. And every now and then I come across a dress or a bag which I know would suit one of my besties. This week was no different.

Here I was just minding my own business when ASOS emailed me about their sassy party dress collection which I obviously had to check out for myself. That’s when I spotted a dress and instantly though of my bestie Sop. It happened again with another and another, so rather than sending them all links, I figured I’d make a little post out of it. I’m kind like that.

This was the first dress I saw and as soon as I did I thought of my bestie Sop. This dress is classy, sophisticated and would flatter her gorgeous figure. It’s a sure-fire hit.

ASOS Off Shoulder Jewel Jacquard Bardot Prom Dress

A fitted waist, pleated skirt, metallic sparkly colour, this could only be for my fellow Magpie friend Chez. The jewel tones would look fantastic against her dark hair and a bold berry lip.

Elise Ryan Long Sleeve Skater Dress with Scallop Lace Neck

I love the long lace sleeves, the delicate scalloped neckline and the cute waist band, Shell, this one’s for you.

ASOS Pencil Dress with Wrap Back in Bird Print

The bestie behind this dress is obsessed with birds and this dress is covered in them. So that is that. Easy-bloomin’ peasy.

Deep V for the boobs, a nipped in waist and a smattering of florals, hello Lisa. You know you want it.

ASOS Premium Peplum Bandeau Midi

This one has to have my friend Anna’s name all over it. Slim fit, a daring colour she definitely needs to try and a cute little peplum. Sold.

And of course it wouldn’t have felt right if I hadn’t picked one out for myself. Duh. Obviously I went for this Little Mistress Cropped Mini Dress in Metallic Jacquard.

It’s metallic, highlights the waist, skims over the hip area, has a split back and is absolutely gorgeous. I want it.

Thank you ASOS, for always aiming to please.

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3 Ways to Wear a White Dress

I used to stay away from any white item of clothing for two main reasons. Firstly because I’m so pasty my legs are practically translucent at the moment and secondly, because I’m messy by nature which means me plus food or drink are a nightmare when in white.

However, this hasn’t stopped me from acquiring a fair few white dresses in my wardrobe. Here are my three favourites and how I wear them.

On a Date…

I love any dress that hugs my chest and then skims the rest. I also love a dress that is spacious in the middle, allowing extra room for all the food and drink I like to consume on an actual dinner date.
It’s almost like wearing a nightie out, albeit a slightly sexier one with deep pockets. Sometimes I cinch in the waist with a slim belt, but this all depends on how I’m feeling. I like to go down the slightly rocky route with this dress so I always add black accessories and chunky jewellery. The red lip is always a definite.
What I’m Wearing:

Dress, Monki
Shoes, River Island
Necklace, River Island
Leather cuff, Whistles
Watch, Michael Kors

To Work…

When dressing for work in the summer it takes a lot more thought than usual. I don’t want to flash too much skin but I also don’t want to melt on my non air-conditioned train. I picked this dress up from Topshop for around a tenner when Luella’s cut-out heart dresses were all the rage.

It’s a little too girly for me with the flowers and the heart neckline but I do bring it out every summer. Plus, I can twirl in it. Need I say more?

What I’m Wearing:

Dress, Tesco
Shoes, Miss KG
Belt, Paul Smith
Leather cuff, Whistles
Watch, Michael Kors

On Holiday…

This is my ultimate holiday dress. It’s covered in lace, extremely short, has one ginormous lace sleeve and is just magical. I would say that because there is a lot of flesh on show, this dress looks its best when I have a slight tan.

There’s a whole boho vibe I love with this dress. Imagine it with added flowers in my hair.

What I’m Wearing:
Dress, Topshop
Shoes, Bertie,
Necklace, Topshop
Leather cuff, Whistles
Watch, Michael Kors

Have you got a white dress ready for summer?

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Little Black Day Dress

This post may read more like a confession than I first intended, but after typing that I only owned five black dresses, I then went and actually counted. I have 14.

I have a mix of super casual, work appropriate and sexy LBDs, but that never seems enough. You see I love a LBDD, or a Little Black Day Dress. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be little! Maybe just a Black Day Dress. You can wear a trusty BDD chilling around the house, to work, dinner, even out out. They’re super versatile.

I’ve just added two more to my wardrobe (oops) with some Topshop vouchers that were burning a hole in my pocket. The style of these dresses won’t come as a surprise. In fact, I’d say they’re the equivalent of a comfort blanket. When you take a look you’ll see what I mean.

They both have either a scoop neck or back, hug the chest and ass area and then have a beautiful flowing skirt overlay.

This one is slightly longer and dare I say a little sexier with its mesh area over the collarbones. The skirt is beautifully fluid, swishing when I walk. Which you know I love.

Buy it here

Whereas this one is more of a mini with a lace overlay on the skirt. It also has a beautifully scooped back.

Either way, I’m in love with them both and can’t stop wearing them.

Long rule the BDD.

Have you got a favourite?

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My Highlights from New York Fashion Week

Although I wasn’t there, I have poured over every page of style.com looking at each look from each designer showing at New York Fashion Week. I wasn’t disappointed.

In my dream world I’d love to work the following.

Vera Wang: Head-to-Toe Floral

It should always be exceptable to wear florals from head to toe. Somehow these two outfits drive this point home even more.

I love the grunge, messy, flowing look. It looks like they’ve just rolled out of bed into these outfits and that’s a look I can work with.

View the entire collection

Jenny Packham: Jumper Over Skirt

This look to me is beyond perfection. If I was Rachel Zoe I’d even break out the “ba-na-nas”. That’s how crazy I am for it.

It taps into everything I love. Sequins. Slouchy jumpers. Swishy skirts. The three S’s in my life. It also proves that sequins can be worn in daytime. Jenny Packham I thank you for that.

View the entire collection

Victoria Beckham: Over-Sized Coats

This season VB basically owned coats. They were big and masculine with very clean lines. I want both of the above, in particular the dogs-tooth printed one. I know I’ve already blogged about them here, but I couldn’t not include them again.

View the entire collection

What collections have been your favourites so far? 

Images courtesy of Style.com

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Why I Love Victoria Beckham

I love Victoria Beckham. You could even say I’m a Victoria Beckham fanatic. In fact, I could probably write a whole blog post outlining the many reasons why I’m obsessed…

1. She’s Victoria Beckham (isn’t that enough?)
2. She used to be a Spice Girl
3. She successfully went from Spice Girl to WAG to international designer
4. She’s married to David Beckham and I’m jealous
5. She creates two incredible lines, the second of which is killing me

Now, I could have posted all of her Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection but that would have been doing a disservice to style.com. So, instead I’ve picked the three dresses that jumped out at me screaming “wear me, wear me.” – Yes I actually have these voices in my head talking to me.

I love a good skater skirt. I also love a patterned dress with sleeves, so for me this is a no brainer. I love the form fitting top leading to a full skirt you can whirl and twirl in. That’s important.

Laser cut flowers, two tiers and pastel colours, you had me at first glance. Need I say more.

I’ve definitely saved the best to last here. I know personally I could never get away with wearing this dress as I would look like a sack of spuds, but hey, a girl can dream. The volume, the drop waist, the cut of the skirt, the quilt-like fabric, Victoria you’ve stolen my heart with this dress. Now, if only it had some pockets…

Check out the rest of the Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection here.

Images courtesy of Style.com

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If Dreams Were Made of Dresses, Erin Fetherston Would Definitely Make Them

I feel a little nervous writing this post. In actual fact I think I’m softening but don’t let any of my friends know, I’ll never live it down.

You see, I’ve never dreamt of getting married or even really wanted to. This year I’ve enjoyed watching two of my besties tie the knot and I’ve loved that, in fact I’ve bawled my eyes out at both. I have honestly never thought about getting married myself, but after being lucky enough to watch some of the most picturesque weddings on a beach in Barbados, I softened to the idea of a destination.

And then yesterday, browsing Style.com for the latest NYFW shows, I found Erin Fetherston’s collection. And guess what. Her garden-party themed collection was based on the handful of dresses she created for her own ceremony in Barbados.

Don’t read anything more into this then the fact that these dresses are gorgeously beautiful…

It’s not even just the dresses that I’m in love with here. It’s everything about these pictures. The floral headbands, the bed-head hair, the naturalness, the lighting. Everything about this is perfection to me.

I’ve definitely gone soft.

View the entire Erin Fetherston S/S 14 collection here

Images courtesy of Style.com

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5 Reasons I Want To Be A Valentino Girl

Grace, elegance and poise are not three things I’m known or will ever be known for. I’m more unpolished, unrefined and well, just a bit messy.

Don’t let this fool you though. I’m all up for trying something new. In particular, this something new revolves around the beauty that is Valentino’s Fall 13 ready-to-wear collection.

I have 5 main reasons for wanting to be a Valentino girl…

1. Collars. They’re big, they’re sharp and they’re
pristine white. They’re laser-cut leather or plain cotton piqué. They’re
absolutely gorgeous and I want them… All.

2.  Florals and collars and cuffs. This outfit melts my
very hardened heart. I am a lover of florals, collars and cuffs, so when
those three things are paired together it makes me more than a little
happy. I could actually look at this outfit all day.

3. Knitwear and lace. Who’d have thought knitwear in
the palest stone could look this sexy. The lace collar, the tight
fitting body, the lace. Oh. My. God. The. Lace.

4. Sequins. To be worn alongside collars, cuffs
(there’s a definite theme going on here) and a cape. This is absolute
magical perfection. I’m a magpie when it comes to sparkles, in
particular anything sequin covered.

5. The maxi. Who said maxi dresses were only for summer. There’s just something incredible about a dress of two halves hanging to the floor in thick wool. What’s more impressive is that there is not one inch of skin on show yet this is one of the sexiest dresses in this post.

My list could have gone on and on and on, but I restrained. I’ve been keeping busy practicing my side plait.

View the entire gorgeous, amazing, hypnotizing collection on style.com