Why I Need To Hang Up My High-Waisted Skinny Jeans

Me, skinny jeans and my IBS have a love/hate relationship. I love the way they streamline me, holding in all junk, flattering me under my oversize shirts. My IBS happens to hate the way they tightly dig into my bloated belly leaving those really sexy red indents and a couple of love handles. And for that reason alone, and not because it’s all about the crop flare, I’m hanging them up. Retiring them for a while you could say.

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Weekend Styling

My favourite kind of weekend involves little more than moving from my bed to my sofa, with the help of Elle magazine, chips and guac and my laptop. This weekend however I had a bigger job ahead of me as Al and I decided it was time to attack the house and unpack those pesky boxes we haven’t looked at since moving in together a year ago.

It also meant delving into our wardrobes and ruthlessly throwing out any item we haven’t worn recently. Which reminded me of my trusty Topshop mum jeans which look all the better when paired with an oversize ASOS tee, floral kimono and Kurt Geiger leopard and glitter trainers. And a bright pink lip obviously.

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Today I Dressed Like a Cowgirl

I don’t know what it is but something about wearing a classic striped top, denim pinafore and white patent brogues made me feel like a cowgirl today. And I bloody loved it.

Today I got called Cotton Eyed Jo, which is actually my country and western stage name. I got asked where my horse was and if I was a mate of Grayson Perry’s. All compliments in my book.

But then again, it doesn’t really matter what others think or say, as long as you’re happy right? And I most definitely am. That’s all.


3 Ways to Wear Mom Jeans

Let me just start by saying that you don’t have to be a mum to wear mom jeans. OK.

There are three reasons I’ve fallen in love with them. One, they’re actually high-waisted on me which due to my long torso, never happens. Two, they’ve got that whole beaten-up, slouchy vibe going on. Three, They can be worn with anything.

I’ve styled them three different ways so you can see just how versatile they are.

With a Classic Breton


I’m not going to lie, this has become my fail-safe weekend outfit. Firstly, you can’t ever go wrong with a striped top. Secondly, it looks even better when tucked into these high-waisted babies. It’s a casual, run-to-the-shops-then-straight-to-lunch outfit. It’s reliable, fail safe and bloody easy. That’s all you want at the weekend.

Obviously I had to add a pair of leopard-print sequin trainers into the mix.

Top, Topshop. Mom jeans, Topshop. Trainers, Kurt Geiger.

With a White Shirt

I have an obsession with borrowing Al’s clothes, in particular his shirts. I reached for his classic white one this time, rolled the sleeves, popped the collar and roughly tucked it in. Sorted.I also pulled out this sleeveless jacket which I got a little while back. It pulls this whole look together and gives a hint of sophistication. Add to that mix my shiny new white heels and we’re laughing. Perfect for a day in the office.

Shirt, Al’s. Sleeveless jacket, Topshop. Mom jeans, Topshop. Heels, Red Herring for Debenhams.

With a Crop Top


Crop tops scare the actual crap out of me. I figured since I wore them the first time round (when I was in my early teens) that I shouldn’t wear them again. And then I just so happened to feel brave – or stupid – enough to order one before Christmas to pair with my shimmering turquoise mermaid skirt.

And I wore it. Actually put it on and left the house. Well OK, I put it on at work and wore it to a Christmas party where I knew the lights would be dimmed. But I still wore it. Technically you could see about half an inch of stomach which I could cope with. This time though I’ve gone all out. I’m aware that while this might be out of my comfort zone and not the most flattering on me, I wanted to show that you can pair these two together. If I can, you definitely can.

Crop top, ASOS. Mom jeans, Topshop. Lace socks, Accessorize. Brogues, Clarks.There you have it. How do you style yours?

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Why I’ll Never Wear White Jeans

As soon as the sun comes out so do the white jeans. It’s not like I’ve got anything against them per say, it’s just that I’ll never wear them.

I’m a messy person by nature. I have a messy desk, I have messy hair and am likely to spill something down myself for no apparent reason. That’s case in point right there for you.

Secondly, I hate the fact that you can not only see a VPL but actual pants. I’m barely comfortable wearing skinny jeans with a top that hits at the hips, let alone having my butt on display.

Finally, I also think the white would highlight the fact that my skin is super translucent (I haven’t had a holiday in a looooong time) and would therefore make me look like Casper the friendly ghost. I’m not so keen on that.

I have friends who rock the white jean trend well, I just couldn’t cope. So while you’re all busy wearing your whites this summer, I’ll be sticking with my trusty blues thank you very much.

P.S The ones above are from ASOS here and not ones that I own. I should point that out as a disclaimer.


I Want to Be a Denim Dreamer

Stop the press. I need a suede mini, denim jacket, patterned platforms and cute ankle socks, pronto.

And I have Topshop’s latest Denim Dreamers campaign to blame for it. I’m falling hard for all things seventies inspired at the moment. So much so, that I’ve even dusted down my flares so they’re ready for action.

Topshop are absolutely nailing all things denim. They’ve got seventies soul covered with a-line skirts, flared jeans, d-ring shirt dresses, denim pinafores and smocks. They’ve even got cute ankle boots with a side order of fringing. Don’t even start me on suede.

I want to be Margo and Viv. I also want to get my bangs cut back in… Damn you Topshop.

Are you embracing seventies-inspired fashion? I want to know.

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The Flares Are Back in Business

The 70s are back and in full swing so I did what felt natural and dusted off the flares.

My pair are high waisted, and in all honesty don’t actually come that high up due to my extremely long torso, but they do the trick. I’ve had this Topshop pair for years and years but this is their first outing in a while.

They fit to the knee, maybe a little too tightly, and from there kick into a wide flare. For me they look best with a top tucked in. I’m currently back in love with this silky blue floral number which amps up the sex factor with it’s deep-v front. You may have noticed that my leopard-print Louboutins have made a sneaky little appearance under all that blue denim.

Will you be rushing out to get your hands on a pair of 70s flares? I can say they give you a good butt lift…