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Want it on Wednesday: Not Just Another Black Coat

Why is it that you put yourself on a coat ban and then see one you instantly fall in love with? Like I need any more in my life or my already crammed wardrobe.

But I just can’t get this one out of my head.

I bet you can already tell it’s a sneaky ASOS number.

It’s a textured wool blend, completely over-sized and effortlessly-awesome coat in brushed stripe. I JUST NEED IT. Now.

I’d like to say that I don’t own a black coat already but I do. So instead I’ll justify it by saying I don’t own a black striped coat. And I always get a coat at Christmas…

So here it is. ASOS Brushed Stripe Coat. Mine, I mean yours, for £95.

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All the Animal Print

Sometimes, I’ll pull on a coat, scarf and shoes and rush out the door before realising that I’m wearing a lot of animal print. But how much is too much?

My cousin would come out in hives if she saw print, on top of print, on top of print. Especially because my scarf is a purple and gold animal print, clashing with the neutrals on my coat. Throw in the fact that I’m wearing striped socks and I know she’s currently hyperventilating.

To me, this will never be too much. I am a lover of all prints, I just so happen to own a helluva lot of the animal-printed variety. I went head-to-toe here and I loved it. And I will be rocking it again.

So what if Pat Butcher is my idol…

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Dear Oscar, I’ll Take One Coat

Dear Oscar,
I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while. You see I’m a sucker for a jewel colour, floral print and all-out glamour, which you just seem to get. 
You put decadence on a whole other level. You knock glamour out the ball park. You are my hero.
But what came as a surprise to me, although it probably shouldn’t have, is just how gorgeous and sexy you make coats look. The coat in question is a truly beautiful number with kinky leather arms (wink wink) and a cashgora (that’s a cashmere, angora and fleece wool blend) belted body. It nips you in at the waist and then falls flatteringly over your hips before finishing with a gratifying swing. Perfection.

All you need is the coat and a pair of CFM heels and you’re ready for anything. 

Oscar, nobody does it quite like you and for that I am truly grateful. But, charging me $4,190 for the pleasure, that’s not ok. We definitely need to talk.
Call me.
(The one you made the coat for. But you already knew that didn’t you.)

Oh, and you can get yours here if you’re curious…

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Want it on Wednesday: This Delicious Lace Overlay Coat

As soon as I saw this coat I was already pulling together possible outfits in my head. That’s how bad I want it.

I know it would instantly add a bit of daytime glamour to jeans and a simple tee as well as looking perfect over an evening dress.

The lace overlay is absolutely stunning and makes this coat look very expensive. The round neckline and scrunched elbow-length sleeves make this bang on trend.

Topshop why do you always do this to me. I’m meant to be saving!

It’s yours for a mere £135 here.

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Victoria Beckham, You Spoil Me

Victoria Beckham, you spoil me.

Not only do make super bad-ass clothes that I want to wear now, you also have the most gorgeous-looking family ever, who all sat front row for this a/w ’14 collection. Swoon.

My two favourites were easy to pick.

I would wear the trouser and ruffled-hemmed top under this glorious updated hounds-tooth coat. It’s oversized, masculine feel had me at first glance. Look how cosy it is.

Nice one VB. Nice one.

View the entire Victoria Beckham collection here.

Images courtesy of Victoria Beckham Facebook.

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My Brand Spanking New Cookie Monster Coat

I have a lot in common with the Cookie Monster. In fact, I’ll start by naming three things right now.

1. We both like cookies
2. We both have a blue furry coat
3. We both act a muppet on a regular basis

For today’s purposes we’re going to focus on point two. My gorgeous new blue furry coat.

I originally featured this coat as my Want it on Wednesday at the end of November after seeing it in Topshop the weekend before with my mum. As soon as we both spotted it, I gravitated towards it and stroked it. I probably looked a muppet (see what I did there) but I’m afraid it’s just a basic instinct for me. After 10 minutes or so, I tried it on, fell in love and BAM, there was my mum’s Christmas prezzie to me sorted.

Usually I wear a size 10, sometimes a 12 in coats, as I have extremely broad shoulders. However, I actually got this coat in a size 8 as it’s super over-sized anyway. I find it hangs perfectly and due to the bright blue, brightens any outfit as well as generally cheering me up.

I’ve layered it with a maroon scarf of Al’s (I feel like it’s finally
time to use the not-so-new boys actual name) and this amazing
bling-bling beanie which a lovely friend of mine (thanks Char if you’re
reading) got me for my birthday.

Now, where are the god damn cookies. Me want cookies.

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My New Drop-and-Roll Camo Parka

I have been on a winning streak lately. I found out a couple of weekends ago that I’d won a Pinko camo-print parka from Natalie Hartley Wears, I then found out this week that I’ve won a free monthly season ticket for my commute after tweeting a pic of a Movember train. Thinking I was on a roll I bought a lottery ticket but didn’t win a doddle. Here was me thinking luck came in three.

Anyway, the parka came and it’s conquered. The camo print makes me feel like I could drop-and-roll army style completely unnoticed at any time. That’s always handy.

With it’s sating finish, inky camo print, deep pockets (winner) and drawstring hood, this Scola Parka is just utter perfection. The inside has a detachable furry lining which makes it super cosy.

I kind of love how it kicks out at the waist.

There is no way I would have paid £780 for this myself, not that I’d ever have that amount of money to spend on a coat anyway, but I’m excited to make the most of it.

I will be wearing this bad boy a lot this Winter.


Want it on Wednesday: Topshop's Blue Furry Bomber

I went shopping with my mum this weekend and upon accidentally stumbling into Topshop, found the perfect coat.

Now I take coat shopping very seriously. I have at least 10, maybe more if you include jackets, in my wardrobes. But what I don’t have is a furry blue bomber. And what I think I need is a furry blue bomber.

Oversized. Check.
In a colour I don’t already own. Check.
Furry. Check.
It’s just meant to be. 
I’m usually a 10 but found that the 8 actually fit me better around the neck – which, by the way, I absolutely adore. I love the fact that there’s no collar. It’s oversized, kind of boxy, has sleeves that stop just above the wrist bone and is bright blue and furry. It sound hideous which just makes me love it even more. For some reason it reminds me of big bird, except in blue.
I just so happen to know that Santa (aka my mum) has very kindly offered to make my dreams come true this Christmas, so expect photos of me big bird style soonish.
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Want it on Wednesday: Animal Print Cape

I know what you’re thinking. Animal print. Surprise, surprise. Yawn.

Well I don’t care. You can never have too much animal print. Pat Butcher is my idol don’t cha know.

Just take a moment to take it all in… That’s it… Brilliant. We can all thank Warehouse for this animal cape.
Now you can see why I want it. The weather at the moment is crap, it’s cold and miserable. I’ve just got back from Orlando where it’s hot, hot, hot and now I’m wrapping up in several layers every time I leave the house (I secretly enjoy this. I love winter).
You can also never have too many coats or capes, so there. Stick it nay sayers. In the words of Katy Perry, “You’re gunna hear me roar. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.”
P.S Did I mention it was only £30. It’s a steal.