What I’d Like to Achieve This Year

I’m trying not to make this a wanky ‘New Year, New Me’ kinda post because they drive me a little crazy. Instead, I’m looking at what I’d like to achieve this year both with my blog and within myself. Some of them are probably still a bit wanky, but I tried. I really did. So, um, sorry about that…

Print More Pictures

I currently have 2,113 pictures on my iPhone’s camera roll from the past year but as of yet, I haven’t printed a single one. I have pictures of my baby nephew, the five weddings I went to, hen dos, family days and night outs with my besties that will be stuck in my phone forever unless I do something about it. I’m thinking of creating some kind of massive DIY display where I have photos clipped onto string behind a frame that I can constantly update. If I do make this, I might even turn it into a DIY blog post for you. This Balvi Laundry Line Phot Frame from Urban Outfitters is what I’m currently basing my idea on.

Look After My Health

I feel like 2014 was the year I really started getting on top of my IBS and in 2015 I don’t want that to change. I know what I can eat and what I definitely can’t. As a result I’m eating healthier and getting my five-a-day, which has left me feeling great on the inside. Which leads nicely on to the next one…

Learn Yoga

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I may only be 28 but I have the body of an 88 year old. Yes I do. It creaks, clicks and aches on a daily basis. I play netball and zumba, both of which keep me fairly (and I use that term loosely) fit but I’d like to learn some basic yoga moves so I can really stretch out my creaky bones and get some upper body strength at the same time. Who knows, it might help me relax and then I can yoga pose in front of a beautiful sunset.

Improve My Photography Skills

At the moment all blog snaps are taken on my trusty little phone while I save up my pennies in the hope of eventually buying myself a proper grown-up camera. In the meantime I’m looking at buying different boards for backgrounds, learning about lighting and reading all the tips and tricks I can get my paws on. Got any for me? Share in the comments below.

Laugh Every Single Day

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Now while I already have a reputation for honking like a small donkey when I laugh, I don’t think I do it enough – although I believe some will disagree with this. It’s my aim to laugh, hard, every single day in 2015, through the good times and the bad.

Organise My Blog

So I’ve started 2015 by purchasing a planner for my blog posts. It’s a goody as it has all dates of the month laid out on single pages, allowing me to list all posts for each month. It then also has a daily breakdown with extra space for notes, so I can jot down what pictures I need and whether my social posts have been scheduled or not. This year I hope to blog more and have some cool new feature ideas I’d like to run. Fingers crossed.

What are your plans for the year ahead?

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Sunday Reading List

While I don’t always blog at the weekend, I’ve been thinking about starting a Sunday Reading List for a while now. There are so many blogs that I religiously read and admire and I just fancy sharing the love.

So here you have it. These are the blogs and posts I’ve been reading and loving this week. Enjoy.
The Chic Guide to Glitter – Vivianna Does Makeup
Because Glitter is my middle name don’t cha know…
Because this kid is insane.
Because who doesn’t need help in this department.
Top 5 Blogging Tools – Media Marmalade
Because there is always room for improvement.
Because this lovely lady makes delicious recipes for fellow IBS suffers, and we have to stick together.
OOTD – 7/11 – The Little Plum
Because this is proof that we all should own a pair of white cropped trousers.
Because it features Jenna Lyons and I worship her.
Because this is what my dreams are made of.
Got any blogs you recommend I check out? Drop a link below.