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I Made a Whopper of a Dairy, Gluten and Egg-Free Cake and it Was Pretty Special

I have a mild addiction to cake. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I can sniff cake down much like an accomplished sniffer dog can track down their bounty. If cake is placed in front of my person I have an overwhelming urge to faceplant it. I think you get the gist. However, when you have IBS like I do, the frequency of cake eating definitely slows down because cake is made of everything I should be avoiding. But last Sunday, Al and I got our bake on and whipped up this little free-from number.

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I’m off on holiday in a couple of months and figured it was about time I share my tips for travelling abroad with IBS. From tips to get you through your flight, to remembering to learn the phrase “where’s the bathroom” in another language, I’ve got your back.

And yes, I say “relax” far more times than necessary but with IBS that’s what we’re on a constant mission to do!

Let me know what you’d like my next video to be on.

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